You Are My Drug


LoveThe tears going down my face as I remember the times tht we had. The Joy you brought to me, Only you knowing how to bring the smile to my face. Being together nonetheless, made me the happiest person alive. Just seeing your face, youre perfect smile. Looking into your glowing eyes, Just made me think of how the world is a better place wth you in it. But then it all ends, you arent there anymore, leaving my life wth the lie tht you ddnt love me, tht you never did. The lies tht brought back the me tht you helped leave me. You were my drug, and the pain tht I felt without you made all the pain come back. Brought me back to think noone would ever be there again. Always hearing your name, reading everything we once said to each other, bringing back the pain. The world isnt an easy place, especially when you give your heart to someone, and they stomp on it wth the perfect body I thought you once had. But Now tht my eyes have opened again, I see now tht you were only one person. I never have to think about the pain anymore, but only the pleasure, because theres others tht bring me this kind of pain, and they are the people I wont let in my life. So the thoughts of you, the late night conversations, the Phone calls, the Kisses we shared, are the past. You don’t belong in my life, no matter how much I want you, No matter how many times I thought I needed you, because you gave me the pain you promised me once you never would. I wont cause myself harm anymore, I wont drink, I wont pop pills, I wont cut myself anymore. Because I wasnt like tht when I was wth you, and why be someone I dont want to be. Wth the Love tht everyone shows me, Wth the one person tht seems to understand me. Is there for me no matter when. Makes me feel like Im not the nobody everyone once thought I was. The non existent Nerd in the Back of the class. Got jumped for being a smartass, Get my things stolen, and go home to an abusive family. You are the only one tht helps me through the pain. You are my Drug…And I dont know what I would do, or how I would survive without you